Friday, February 12, 2010

This is what I've been reduced to...

OK, so actually I took this photo before I had to add one more suitcase because I figured out both my suitcases were at or exceeding the airline weight limit. Better to know you're getting charged for one bag and have some flexibility than end up with two overweight bags at the airport, right? Right? But my point is, I could live out of the trunk of a car right now if I had to. The only keys I have on my right now are for the locks on my suitcases. Kind of a strange feeling.

So, stories from the road... What can I publish now that my family has this blog address...?

I'm happy to report that I believe this is the first cross-country car trip I've ever made that didn't end with a major auto problem or a major storm, or both. The storms on the east coast did slow down my friend I was staying with in Nashville, but I did have an enjoyable evening with her boyfriend that I'd never met before. Seriously, it was fun though. Chicago was good, although I'm a little disappointed we couldn't get in to the hipster metal burger joint that names all of their burgers after metal bands. (I did get to peek in the door... Do they really have whiskey on tap? Is that possible?) The three days I spent in Buffalo were productive, but a few things did end up getting left by the wayside, and it would have been nice if things had been a little less stressful. Hopefully New York will be a little more laid back... and I'll still be able to finish the last few things I need to do before I leave. Like finish the pre-orientations classes. And learn Korean.

Party Saturday night in Astoria--check Mark's Facebook page.

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