Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am confusing...

So I get to school this morning. A little late, but it's not nine o'clock yet and I don't have any classes until third period so whatever. Yesterday I snuck out a little early. We usually have an English class for other teachers on Wednesdays at about 2PM at another high school in town, but I had heard from the teacher at that school that class was cancelled because the national exam is today, and apparently due to the exam no one was being let into that school after yesterday afternoon, because it's a testing site for the exam. So instead of sticking around our school Mo and I left at about 2:30 and went to Daegu to catch a movie. I probably should have asked permission before I left since we weren't actually going to the teachers' class but all the other Korean teachers who speak English were asleep in the office when I snuck out. As it turns out my school closed at 3PM yesterday as well, so we were only leaving 30 minutes early. Whatever.

So I get to school this morning, say "annyeonghaseyo" to the ajumma who sweeps the foyer, and head upstairs. As I reach the door of the 2nd floor teachers' office I realize there are no students on this floor. I try the office door. It's locked.

I head back downstairs to the 1st floor teachers' office to ask why the 2nd floor office is closed. The door's unlocked. I walk in. There's no one there. The kerosene stove is on and there's a kettle boiling on top of it, but no people. My zombie survival instincts kick in. I look for a cricket bat. There is not one to be found. Drat.

After a few questions in halting Korean with a bystander outside ("School... there is not... today?") and a brief interview with a few passing students I learn that there is no school today because of the national exam. Funny how no one mentioned that too me.

Oh well, no hard feelings. I've been meaning to catch up on my sleep and World of Warcraft playing anyway.

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