Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Last Picture Show

So after a holiday visit to Western New York I'm back in LA and working as best boy grip on another low-budget feature. So far it's been pretty typical of your 2-3 week shooting schedule type affair. To review: Day 1 - the sprinklers went off on the HMIs. Day 2 - not as bad as Day 1. I have to say, after three and a half years of working on 95% low budget crap in LA, and still encountering the same people on those jobs three and a half years later (meaning they haven't moved on to bigger and better things either), I have very few regrets about moving on to something different for a while.

So here's the rough schedule for how this going away to Korea thing is going to work:

January 23rd: Just-announced going away BBQ (check your Facebook invites)
January 31st: Vacate apartment, move onto someone's couch for a couple days
February 2nd: Ong Bak 2 on DVD
February 3rd: Begin World Tour in Las Cruces, NM
February 4th: World Tour - Oklahoma City, OK
February 5th: World Tour - TBD (probably Nashville or Louisville or Chicago via St. Louis)
February 6th: World Tour - Chicago (possible stopover in Louisville)
February 8th: World Tour - Buffalo, NY
February 12th: World Tour - New York, NY
February 13th: Blaggard's Day/Mitch Fowler's Birthday/Henry Rollins's Birthday
February 15th: Depart New York, brief stopover in Los Angeles
February 17th: Arrive in Incheon, Republic of Korea

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